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Freelance Web Journalist - Journing NUJ?

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by etali, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. etali

    etali New Member

    Freelance Web Journalist - Joining NUJ?

    Hi All,

    Has anyone here managed to join the NUJ as a Freelancer, when their primary work is done online?

    I run a technology news web site, it is my main source of income. I also occasionally write for other sites, but I have done no print work.

    The NUJ say I will qualify for temporary freelance membership, but still require clippings and / or letters of commissioning.

    I'm not sure what to provide for them - most of my work is for my site - I can't really commission myself can I? Could I just print out some articles and call those clippings? I could provide one, maybe two emailed contracts / links to other sites, but most of my external work is seasonal depending on dates of trade shows, so I don't have very many recent examples.

    If anyone has any tips or suggestions they would be much appreciated.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2007
  2. timetrial

    timetrial New Member

    Sorry to answer a question with a question but why do you feel you need to join the NUJ?
  3. Lupita

    Lupita Member

    Dear etali, timetrial

    What do you gain out of membership to any of the above organisations - namely the Chartered Institute of Journalists, and the National Union of Journalists?

    I'd really be interested to know; what tangible benefits are you expecting e? And tt, how has your CIJ badge helped you as a freelance?

    Thanks both!
  4. franceslynn

    franceslynn New Member

    Freelance Web Journalist - Joining NUJ

    Why do you want to join the NUJ? You don't need it, especially if you're only writing on the web and not doing any print journalism. Save your money.

  5. etali

    etali New Member

    Thanks for your responses, and sorry for the delay in checking back here. I've been travelling, and had problems getting online for any length of time.

    I'm hoping to join the NUJ to get a press pass, which will add weight to my claim of being a journalist - I attend a lot of trade shows, and most of them require proof that you're genuinely covering the event, and not just a member of the public looking for free swag.

    I've gotten around this so far by getting letters from the companies I have meetings with at the show, but thats hardly an ideal solution - it creates extra work for the companies in question, and it's still a hassle to get the staff on the entrance desk to accept that as 'evidence', even if you have cleared it with the organisers in advance.

    I'm due to go to another show in May, and when I asked them what proof they wanted for press attendees they said either a letter from my magazine editor, or, for freelancers 'Valid media ID for your country of origin'.

    The only other way to attend these events would be to pay the £300ish a shot to get in as a normal attendee, NUJ membership, plus a press pass works out a lot cheaper.
  6. Martin

    Martin New Member

    I used to be a member of the CIOJ, then they put all the rates up for "poorer" members. Also they messed up sorting out my press card.

    Eventually I wound up as a member of the NUJ.

    The plastic photo ID press card is a Godsend. (It's the one the CIOJ 'forgot' to send me, as they are both signed up for the UK Press Card Authority scheme.)

    Do print outs of your articles (with the URLs) and send them in as your clippings.
  7. Angela Lloyd

    Angela Lloyd New Member

    I wonder if anyone on here could maybe assist me?

    I am a freelance journalist and blogger. I write largely in the political field, but I do write other material as well. I operate largely from home because I am disabled and in a wheelchair, but I would like to have a press pass. Nevertheless, all the sites that I have communicated with want me to become a member, and I don't want to become a member of any association. I don't receive any money from freelancing, I write solely because I enjoy it, and I wish to get the word out there, so don't have the time or funds to be shadowing any sort of affiliation. Could any of you on here direct me as to where would be the most reliable site to apply for a press pass that won't cost me loads of money?


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