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Freelancers, how do you handle when clients cancel the project?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by VanThanh, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. VanThanh

    VanThanh New Member

    I joined a website design project for a client. I asked him to deposit 50% of the project's money. I sent draft designs; they were almost complete. Suddenly, the client said he met a financial problem and canceled the project. We didn't sign any contracts. I couldn't get the remaining amount while I think I deserve more than the 50% deposit. How do you handle cancellations? :(
  2. John Aeliya

    John Aeliya New Member

    Before you begin independent work for any client, set aside a few minutes to put down an agreement to shield yourself, if there should be an occurrence of dismissal from clients or something different comes up. What's more, as you plot your agreement guarantee you incorporate your dropping, end terms. Likewise, attempt to ensure you incorporate a store which is non refundable, that way the client comprehends what the person in question is getting into and whether they can stick to and keep these terms of training.

    There are times when you truly have not begun the undertaking or done any work whatsoever and the client has dropped the venture for a substantial reason, for this situation it is legitimate and you are relied upon to give the client there cash back in full except if generally settled upon. You likewise need to guarantee you have a decent compatibility with your clients as referrals and verbal exchange can come way and you never realize your client might need to work with you again in future, so it is essential to never cut off your ties!
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  3. Marry Smith

    Marry Smith New Member

    Well I had this issue one time in the start of my freelance career and it really ruined my account value. I was not able to do anything I completed his work and in the end he canceled the order. I dont want to face this issue again. There are good clients also.
  4. Yellow Moose

    Yellow Moose New Member

    For the sake of potential backlash from client which may be damaging to your reputation, swallow it and learn to get the contract signed before carrying out any actual work. My terms are 50% deposit and I don't start work until that money has cleared my bank. I allow the client 7 days to change their mind about the commencement of the project, for which I would bill them for the hours of work that I have already carried out.

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