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Freelancing from abroad but advertising myself as English?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by notly1988, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. notly1988

    notly1988 New Member

    Hi all,

    Have been searching on the internet for a bit without much luck so thought I would post my question up here on what looks like a great active forum.

    I'm 28 years old and have about 5 years experience in programming/web design (good CV, work for investment banks in London, 1st in my degree, etc). After a year of backpacking in South America I'm now in Lima and don't really want to return to the UK. A friend of mine has offered me part time work for his web design company and now I'm looking at extra things to do.

    Just wondering which of the online freelancing sites would be best for me to explain
    After a year and a half of speaking Spanish everyday I've realised that the difference between "speaking" a language (what does that mean anyway) and being able to conduct business in that language is massive. Absolutely massive.

    Essentially I'll be able to charge rates of a Fiver an hour, and that would be a comfortable salary here. The time difference is only 6 hours as well.

    So far I'm thinking of signing up for PeoplePerHour and my options would be
    - Have the flag set as Peru (because they have my IP address) but write like "UK EXPAT"
    - login into PPH through a proxy so it looks like I'm in the UK (sounds dodgy!)
    - sent proof of my latest UK bank statements to PPH

    Really though I would want people to see where I am so they can understand my pricing, while knowing that if they call me I will understand them completely (both in language terms and culturally!).

    Also I've enough money saved that I could really not earn anything for the next 2 years and still jump on a flight back to the UK.

    Nice one everyone!
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  2. Laura@FreelanceUK

    Laura@FreelanceUK Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Buswell,

    For your PPH profile, I think it would be better if you use your location in Peru. Having a transparent relationship with a client is kind of essential. For example, if your client is from the UK and they want to contact you and they think you are also from the UK but you're not responding during 'work hours', it can make you look unprofessional. From what I can see, PPH allows you to create a bio - here you should briefly explain you're from the UK (UK native?) and you live in Peru etc.

    You can also join Freelance Directory, which is a directory for freelancers. Or if you need more information on web design you can check out web design guides here.

    Hope that helps.

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