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From teaching to journalism...

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by Loreleilee, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Loreleilee

    Loreleilee New Member

    Hello everyone!

    After one hellish week working in education I have decided to follow my dream of finally becoming a journalist!
    I have been in Secondary and A-level English teaching for four years and after the tantrums, violence and stresses of last week; I have decided that I've had enough!! Forever!!

    I have an English degree and have found a fast track NCTJ course running in my local college that I'm considering applying for. However there are two options, newspaper or magazine journalism. I have romantic ideas of working for a magazine just like Ugly Betty (yes I know I'm deluded) but my head says go for the newspaper course. I imagine there are alot more jobs in newspaper journalism? Or is that a silly thought!? Is it possible to swap between the two once you get up and running?

    I have tried to keep up my writing skills by writing a blog about my local area. Does nayone have anyother advice about how I can further these skills?

    Obviously money worries are a big concern mostly because my job is secure (but my sanity isn't) and I was wondering if journalists are finding work on a regular basis in these harsh times.

    I'm planning on saving like hell and starting the NCTJ course in September next year. Any advice? :confused2
  2. freelancewizard

    freelancewizard New Member

    Working as a journalist

    Hi Loreleilee,

    Journalism is a really tough industry to be in, so good luck to you!

    To help you make your decisions, you should consider the following:-

    Although magazines will bring people news, it's mainly full of stories and entertainment articles - So the things you write and report about are going to be more for peoples enjoyment and to help them stay up to date with the latest fashion etc.

    With the majority of media for entertainment purposes now on the internet, rather than in magazines, I think the demand for entertainment in paper form is going to slowly decrease over the next few years, meaning the industry will become even harder for people like you.

    Newspapers (although they will slowly decline in paper form too) contain real life events, from page 1 to page 50, and they are released daily. It is part of most peoples everyday routine to buy a paper each morning and are considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Magazines are released weekly/monthly and are considered a luxury (although people do subscribe to magazines and buy them periodically)

    My point is people have a natural drive to know want to what is going on in the world, and will always want to hear about news as it happens - So with that in mind you will always have a job in that industry. People might not always want the luxury of a magazine.

    And yes of course it's possible to switch between the two! =)

    Good luck again for your future!

    All the best
  3. c69

    c69 New Member

    Just write an article every day. Pick a topic about some real problems, that matter to you and society. If you are rejected, publish it in your own blog. Edit yourself, without mercy.

    btw, - September has come ;) How's your plan going ?
  4. mastermind

    mastermind New Member

    Hey, great choice onto the journalism, but seriously good luck with finding a job in the field, it's getting more and more difficult. Especially these days, with the existence of social media and what they call 'citizen journalism', I'd say the newspaper industry will be a very hard one to get into. The best choice for right now is learning how to write for the online, as that is an inevitable skill (and most newspapers have their online versions, as well).

    My advice would be (throughout your whole course) - keep writing. Whatever you see, whatever you hear, write articles and show them to people for feedback or post them somewhere. Just keep writing. That's how you become a journalist, there is no specific rules, it's about practice.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2011

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