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Full website design

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by adiboy, May 30, 2008.

  1. adiboy

    adiboy New Member

    Hello everyone, as you might have read on my last post i am a coder and i am not very good with design so i need a bit of help.

    My current project is a takeaway i have spent hours on the code. but i don’t think the design is very good. i think it could do with some improvements.

    I was thinking of redoing every thing(must be css) do you think i should redesign every thing or just get a new banner?

    if i have to redesign the site then i would be paying over £100 for a new template and i would like some thing that stands out. much much better than the current one.

    this is a very good forum and a lot of people who are happy to help. lets do a bit more posting on it, let’s post our views on the forum rather than private messages :D

    Thanks for every one who replyed to this post.

    I managed to get 2 designes done.

    you can view them at Http://sy2.com/takeaway and Alamin Tandori Takeaway
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2008
  2. ayresdesign

    ayresdesign New Member


    Hello, adi. So, i've seen what you've done so far. From my point of view, it would be better to review the whole design. I've worked with css before, it works well for static websites, but i'm used to work in Flash. You've seen my works, so, anything you need, just ask me.

  3. mds

    mds New Member

    I think your website is database driven, you can make it look fine by simple customisation.
  4. reaver

    reaver New Member

    Hi Adi

    its a nice menu driven site, if you could incorparate that into a nicer layed out designed site is another thing , shouldnt be too difficult :D ,i take it that the site is going to be used for online ordering of food...ect? is it something the company wants ? hows the online ordering going to be viewed at the other end? email client?. Just i would of thought the normal ordering over the phone is most succesfull way of placign an order?? :eek:hwell

  5. adiboy

    adiboy New Member

    Hi mds, yea the website is database driven it should be very easy to add a design to it. yea the site is going to be used for online orders. i am not sure if it's going to make them any money and i hope it works well for them. if someone does the desing then it would be easy to impliment it. the site is css at the moment so it would only take 1 hour to conver it all to the new design. I just want this new desing to be some thing that people can say wow that site is nice(but at the same time it's simple) because the visitors will not be very good with computer.
  6. shakil

    shakil New Member

    hi Ady

    Hi there ady. I emailed you but probably it bounced back. Are you still looking for a designer? I would like to take the job if it's still available?
  7. adiboy

    adiboy New Member

    Hello every one,
    i am still looking for someone to help me out with this template

    Peter has started
    what does everyone think? is it worth +£100

    this is the menu for the for the takeaway that want's the site.
    Page1 Page 2
  8. ayresdesign

    ayresdesign New Member

    Takeaway Design

    I see this place is about indian food. There is much to look at indian design patterns, it has a very particular visual style and it would be interesting to use that in this takeaway design. The printed menu has already some pattern borders used in highlighted info. Wouldn't it be nice to make this online takeaway a bit more sytlized?

    Good luck,
  9. adiboy

    adiboy New Member

    ayresdesign you are correct about this, the design needs to be some thing good, i want people to say wow that is a good website. i want them to say it's the best. i dont want any old cheap design like the one i have now. SY2 TakeAway - Demo Takeaway. like i have posted before i am only a code and i have no idea how to make a good design that's why i am here asking for help. if it was for coding then i will be happy to help.

    Lets have a look at this website Sapporo Teppanyaki Ltd so simple but it looks nice and easy to use.

    i am looking for some thign that is much better than that but still simple to use. I just have to keep in minde that people who will be using this system will not be experts on computers.
  10. mikej@my540.co.uk

    mikej@my540.co.uk New Member

    My top tip would be to fix the width (to say, 800px) have a light background, and put everything else within that, with a border around the outside. It tends to frame the content and make it look better in my opinion.

    See what I mean at http://www.my540.co.uk/x-cat/default.htm; it's not the best brief with the background image and the logo, but it looks tons better than haviong ti take up the whole page.

    That way, you could then build in aspects of the menu imagery (without going mad!) to give it a similar feel. Does that make sense?

  11. adiboy

    adiboy New Member

  12. Dean-123

    Dean-123 Banned

    I think you needn't redesign, the layout is fine. Just change the details.
  13. omdatwister

    omdatwister New Member


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