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Generating & 'Nurturing' a Lead

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by elsalvador, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. elsalvador

    elsalvador New Member

    I came across this infographic form Market Makers and it got me thinking..

    Where have you got most of your work from?
    Would you agree that LinkedIn generates 227% more business than Facebook & Twitter?

  2. Road2Sale

    Road2Sale New Member

    I think that it depends on what the product is. For example if your target audience is teenagers - Facebook will defiantly generate more leads for you.
    Also depends on your marketing strategy and how qualified you want your leads to be. Facebook gives really detailed information about the lead but again - it depends on the product and on your target audience
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  3. SandraGenJobs

    SandraGenJobs New Member

    Completely agree with Road2Sale on this one. Facebook and LinkedIn are really different when it comes to marketing strategies and the way people actually use them. It also depends on what kind of business this survey is actually observing.

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