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Getting a Mortgage as a Contractor

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by JPDesigns, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. JPDesigns

    JPDesigns New Member


    I'm trying to get a mortgage. But all the high street providers base there
    amount that they will lend on a percentage times salary + dividend.

    Now for tax reasons both those figures are low on my 3 years accounts and it means I can't seem to get the mortgage I need.

    Can anyone recommend a good broker or mortgage provider that calculates mortgages on daily rates or gross revenue.


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  2. administrator

    administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry for the delay with approving the post. We have a partnership with:
    Self Employed Mortgages : Mortgages for the Self-Employed :: Freelance UK

    They are very good. How do I know? I used them this year as am in the same boat, Limited Company and high street lenders and standard indy mortgage brokers were next to useless. I applied through these guys and just needed signed contracts and they were then able to lend at 4X contract value. I did have to supply the usual bank statements (personal and ltd) plus the contracts and it was very painless from there. Beware some companies who want to charge an arrangement fee - these guys do it solely on their commission from the mortgage provider so was far cheaper.

    Good luck!
  3. Laura@FreelanceUK

    Laura@FreelanceUK Administrator Staff Member

  4. smith

    smith New Member

  5. smith

    smith New Member

    you idea is very helfull
  6. beccaslan

    beccaslan New Member

    Taking a new apartment is a risky thing; this is why I think it is essential to have a suitable mortgage advisor. It makes things not just easier but safer.
  7. wardaxyn

    wardaxyn New Member

    Where are you from? It depends on your location.

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