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Ghost writing and Freelance writer

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by Promise King, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. Promise King

    Promise King New Member

    The subject of a ghost writer and freelance writer in copy writing can be intertwining. A ghostwriter is someone hired to create content without being given credit for doing so.

    While a freelance blogger is a professional who writes blog posts for their clients. They may write about a specific topic that the client provides. Common to freelance bloggers, they usually work from a private space like their homes, rather than an office space.

    With freelance writing you take an order for a particular piece of work, you finish it, and you get paid. While with ghost writing, on the other hand, you need to constantly be writing and updating your clients’ contents, and the money can come from various sources depending on your mastery. Then, as a content writer you have to be specific to your working specialty.


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