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Google Analytic - what does it mean by " (not provided)" keyword?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by webguru11, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. webguru11

    webguru11 New Member

    What does (not provided) mean in Google analytic Search Keywords table?
    Where from those keywords are coming from?
  2. panictree

    panictree New Member

    Data from logged-in Google users

    Hi webguru11,

    Since October 2011, organic keyword data from logged-in Google users is not visible in Google Analytics, hence the "not provided" label.
  3. softwaredev

    softwaredev New Member

    This is the data which Google doesn't want to share as it is associated with Google login's/partners.

    If you want to see more information on your visits then you can choose secondary dimension for "Landing Page" This might help you to figure out the visits.
  4. DaleMeli

    DaleMeli New Member

    hey thanks for this valuable information.I really don't know about this all...thanks!!!!:eek:
  5. DaleMeli

    DaleMeli New Member

    SEO Services

    What about seoquake for figuring out the pr, alexa, indexes and all, and how do follow works can suggest me in detail or can send me tutorial about it?

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