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Google showing different Page in Cache

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by Bradley123, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. Bradley123

    Bradley123 New Member

    One of my websites internal page use to rank in Google top 10 for my keyword, but since last few month that page is disappeared from Google Rankings and my home page use to come in the results way down in rankings for that keyword. Now when I check that internal page cached version from my Google toolbar Google shows my home page as a cached Page as a result.. What could be wrong with that page?
  2. SurreyWeb

    SurreyWeb New Member

    Hi Bradley

    There are many reasons you can have issues with website. Unless you post the site and perhaps relevant URLs, people will only be guessing.
  3. c69

    c69 New Member

    Google has different servers for cache. Check ip addresses of them.
  4. joiedevivre

    joiedevivre New Member

    Make sure that internal page is not getting redirected to your home page. Tell me one thing are you using rel=canonical tag for that particular for that specific keywords.
  5. hubert

    hubert Banned

    There may be development issue.
  6. links-builder

    links-builder New Member

    There might have been some DNS confusion.
    Try Fetch as Googlebot from Google Webmaster Tools, what do you get?
    Did you submit a sitemap from GWT? Resubmit it and see what status you get.
    And check just in case in GWT if there have been a Change of address request.
  7. rickypounting

    rickypounting New Member

    Well the reason these Google showing different rankings with in different web browsers is due cookies. Delete the cookies of your web browser, you will be able to view same search results.

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