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Graphic design advice on my new website

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by louie171, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. louie171

    louie171 New Member

  2. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    Your site is elegant. I liked the design and color purple. I Think don`t make it messy by entering too much design.
  3. Danish01

    Danish01 New Member

    Simple city is the best thing according to me...
  4. WebDesignerGuru

    WebDesignerGuru New Member

    agreed, nice looking site, just dont over do it. some times simple is best
  5. robertanderson

    robertanderson New Member

    great job

    You have really done a great job so far the only aspect that i think is lacking is your graphics part work more on the graphics part to make it look creative and attractive.
  6. prgroup

    prgroup New Member

    Good website designing strategies.

    There are lots of advertising agency who are also designing your websites with PHP and JAVA SCRIPT and using CSS that is cascading style sheet.
  7. Wesley Cheek

    Wesley Cheek New Member

    A web developer is a programmer who is able to create, design and modify a web site. He also must have ability to convert graphic, written and video components to a formats which is compatible to web. For this he must know using software and tools. These tools help to facilitate the web and multimedia content.
  8. Robins778

    Robins778 New Member

    Your website looks so simple , try to add soft background with purplish color which will enhance its look.
  9. Sam Cowley

    Sam Cowley New Member

    I like the design of the website, the layout is nice to look at, clear and easily accessible. The house style is nice and elegant. Overall a very good website. Hope this helps! :)
  10. Anthony Phillips

    Anthony Phillips New Member

    Too much white going on and you have dead images at the bottom. You should add a background with the main column in white to break it up a bit. You could do with more synergy with the colour selection, for instance how does the orange buttons work with the purple?

    It's not a messy site, but could do with some creative design input.

    Hope that helps.

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