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Guest Blogging/ Contributing Articles

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by rdpuk65, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. rdpuk65

    rdpuk65 New Member

    Hi, just wondering if anyone is aware of any blogs where you can post as a guest or sites you can contribute articles to as a way to 'showcase' your talent. I am specifically looking in the field of healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Many thanks.
  2. FreelanceScribbler

    FreelanceScribbler New Member

    I've done a fair bit of guest blogging in the past.
    Mostly it comes from being involved in your niche and having your own blog with some pretty amazing content in the first place.
    You then use that as a kind of portfolio ("hey, look at what I can do for you!") to get your foot in the door and write for other blogs.
  3. m00d1e

    m00d1e New Member

    I've also done a lot of guest-blogging, and you're right, it is a fantastic way to showcase your work.

    Like Scribbler said, unless you're already an established authority with published articles (which I guess you're not, as you're asking this question), you're best to start with your own blog. Comment on other blogs in your niche, and people will comment on yours. Gradually you'll build up a network, and find out which blogs are worth guest-posting for.

    This is a long-term strategy. And there's little point guest posting without your own blog or website - otherwise when people read your guest post, where do they go next?
  4. jamesshaffer85

    jamesshaffer85 New Member

    Have you got a personal blog?

    Just wondering if you already have your own blog. And yes, after reading your guest post and highly appreciating your talent, readers may want to learn more about you and your skills. Sure, your social network profiles can be places to go, but a personal blog might give more insights into what you're in.
  5. dbdonaldson

    dbdonaldson New Member

    If you are talking about showcasing news writing, you can do so at TheSpeaker.co

    Citizen journalists and photojournalists also welcome.

    Personalized writer sections (like your own blog inside the site) are done after 8 or 10 posts if the journalist wants one.
  6. Matt_Ambrose

    Matt_Ambrose New Member

    Try doing a Google search "[topic] guest post'. Or try looking in a blog search engine like Technorati or use Topsy.com to find the most popular posts shared in Twitter and follow the string back to their blogs.

    As the other posters suggest, starting a blog of your own and commenting on popular blogs is a smart strategy for building your exposure first. Otherwise you're just another one of the hundreds of emails popular bloggers receive with the fantastic offer of free content in exchange for a backlink.

    If you're doing it for SEO purposes, it's also worth popping the blogs you find into Moz Open Site Explorer or using a browser plugin like SEO Quake to find those with the highest authority or page rank.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you need more advice.
  7. MineralMinds

    MineralMinds New Member

    If you just want to showcase your talents and start building a portfolio, Medium is a great platform. It is free to access and the UX is really great. There is also loads of other bloggers doing similar things on it to learn from. If you are looking to stand out as a blogger though, your best bet is your own site and a well thought out marketing campaign and concept.
  8. naniabu

    naniabu New Member

    Search the related keywords in Google and visit the blog one by one. Usually, you can find Guest post option on banner or at the footer.

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