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Heathcote Services (UK) Ltd

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AJ Blue, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. AJ Blue

    AJ Blue New Member

    Has anyone any experience of this umbrella company?

    I am thinking of joining one and a guy I know suggested Heathcote, it looks straight forward enough but I would like to get any feedback I can before I contact them.

  2. TabloidTerror

    TabloidTerror New Member

    Hi AJ,

    As a freelancer why are you considering using an Umbrella Company? Are you caugfht by IR35 or just don't want the hassle of own Ltd Co?

    I guess these guys look OK, all brollies seem to be much of a muchness (apart from Prosperity 4 who sound like a bunch of cowboys) but no experience of Heathcote so cannot comment on that score.


  3. journoman

    journoman New Member

  4. AJ Blue

    AJ Blue New Member

    Thanks for the input, I am thinking about Heathcote (or another umbrella service) because I don't fancy the hassel of running my own compay. Also I thought HMRC treated these "owner companies" just like PAYE??

    Maybe I need a little more research but there seems to be a lot to consider!!

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