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HELP - A complete beginner requesting assistance

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by gcfarri, Jul 26, 2018.

  1. gcfarri

    gcfarri New Member

    I put out a post before asking for help selecting a free program but as I did not get any concrete suggestions I will try again with different wording and hope for the best.

    As a complete beginner and designing T-shirts and I would like to find out some of the better free T-shirt design software out there. Most of the free ones that I have looked at seem very complicated and I have found during my research on them that they are more for an advanced design which is not for me. What I would like is some kind of program that I can use with Amazons Merch program as I have been accepted as into their program.

    Some of the programs that I like is Vectr & paint .net- I don’t know if there are others that are easy to use but maybe not as effective or advanced as one’s like gimp or ink space but will do the job for Merch’s designing T-shirts.

    The main things I would like to do in my T-shirt designs are :

    Edit text

    3D text

    import photos

    Wrap text around an object

    change the background color

    as well as any other tasks that you can suggest.

    As many of you know Amazons Merch program requires 15 x 18” - designs to be saved as .PNG – 300 dpi & a resolution of 5,400 x 4,500 and a transparent background. (If any of this is wrong please let me know). Most of Merch’s requirements I don’t really understand so if anyone out there could please explain them to me and how I might be able to utilize them with another simpler program I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you Craig

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