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Help!! can anyone?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by echo around town, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. echo around town

    echo around town New Member

    Hey guys, im looking to create a website with this sort of look, QBN - Classic they seem to be able to update it extremely easily almost like a blog as a beginner in website what would i do to achieve this? and is each section its own blog...if some could help or direct me in the right way.

    msn: ryboism@hotmail.co.uk
    AIM: rybo891

    please reply here even if its to say iv added you :)

  2. From what I can tell, they probably have some sort of CMS to help keep the site consistent and easy to update.
    No easy feat for a newbie, might be best to look into the likes of Wordpress, Joomla, Expression Engine and so one.
  3. solarisedesign

    solarisedesign New Member

    Yep, there'll be some back-end magic going on there, which basically means the whole page is dynamically built every time you look at it, and the server places the relevant links/titles/etc into the appropriate places in the template

    It requires learning a server side language such as PHP or ASP (or probably a few other lesser ones) and maybe some database techniques too, like MySQL or PostgreSQL

    But as the other poster said, you can get prebuilt CMS systems (which still require a little knowledge of databases and server side languages) that will do the same sorts of things

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