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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AKN22, Jun 26, 2022.

  1. AKN22

    AKN22 New Member

    Evening all,

    Freelancing Floral Designer here! I have been in the industry a long time but this most recent job and its developments are a new one to me.

    The clients have only recently taken over the business I was booked to work for (I have freelanced for the previous owner without issues prior). These new people are not from the industry and to be honest I have no idea why they bought the business as they clearly have a pile of personal issues. Anyhow, this week saw the need to deliver three big weddings. They engaged in some serious scope creeping and its my own fault really but hindsight is a great thing right. I recently won a medal at the Chelsea Flower Show and this new owners asked if they could share some pictures on their Instagram. I said yes and provided some wording. During this most recent week things went seriously south and I was treated very badly by them. Only my professionalism prevented me from walking out and leaving them in the lurch.
    In the past I have shared the occasional picture of my work done there on my IG and credited them (always nicely "our friends over at bla bla) and have gone out of my way to support them. Following some very unprofessional behavior on their side this week I have made the decision to not return there. This has not been communicated as they haven't rebooked anyway, and I see no need to discuss this. I am just not going to be available in future.
    So, to come to the point. I have posted a picture of my (branded van) in front of one of the venues this week saying that we love weddings and that the venue is gorgeous. I have also posted a zoomed in detail shot of a bouquet I created and just said something about loving the summer colors.
    This evening I receive a catty WhatsApp message saying that I MUST remove these pictures of my Instagram as I was only "employed" as a freelancer and have no right to post any of these pictures as I was working in their behalf. Now, usually I don't even worry about this and it is common practice in our industry to share picture like these bearing in mind that I didn't claim any credit for any works (even though they are all my work).
    There is no written contract in place - stupid I know. But under the previous owner none of all this was needed and things were supposed to continue as is (and have only very recently changed).
    They asked in advance whether they could use my van as well as their own to deliver these weddings as theirs werent big enough. I said yes because I am a helpful soul and they absolutely got their pound of flesh from me this week. So, I am not sure what exactly I am asking, but where do I stand? What do I do?
    Also, I am yet to be paid the remaining balance. Please help me!

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