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Helpful Tips For Graphic Designers

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by mary444, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    In my opinion everyone can be a developer, but being a graphic designer is not easy for everyone. A creativity talent is required to be a successful designer, which can be found naturally in a person.

    If a person is a designer, he might not be able to explore his creativity in a right manner, specifically if he is just on the first step of his design business. He may face number of challenges along with the difficulties in handling projects and doing them in a right manner. Well in that case I must say a person should not lose his hopes and keep struggling. I would strongly recommend some guidelines to every Graphic Designer who is just about to enter in a Graphic Design Business or on the first step of his work.

    Academic Qualification:
    A person can never be a good designer if he has not got the proper guidelines from a professor or a teacher. Joining a good academy or institute to get the knowledge of designing work is as important as the backbone in a body. A person can join online training centre if he feels comfortable for him. If you are living in the UK there are numerous options available to you for getting the design training in an institute. Some popular institutes are University of Arts London, London Graphic Design School and London College of Communication (school of Graphic Design). Getting a degree of Graphic Design will help a lot in future in getting more projects online or offline.

    Complete your Design Kit:
    Before you start, design kit should be complete. I am not talking about a physical kit that is in your hand, but this is a tool kit with all important design software in your computer. First of all your computer should be fast and modern to bear the heavy work load.
    The most important software that should be in your computer are Adobe Photoshop (latest), Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw, Firefox with plugin “Awesome Screen Shot”, Paint (sometimes it will helpful), Smart Draw, Adobe After effect, Adobe Creative Suite etc.. (This is up to you which software suits you the best).

    Presenting you Online:
    Haven’t you created a website yet? I personally think that website is the most important step in every kind of business. This can let people know the nature of your business and your complete information to contact you. Your website design can let people know your creativity. So this is so important that you tell people about your website in a creative manner.
    The most important part of the website is portfolio designing. More your portfolio is creative, more chances of projects. This is necessary that your portfolio is briefly explained, so the visitors of your website will not have any kind of confusion.
    I also suggest that a site must be integrated with social networks to bring more visitors and projects. Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In and Twitter are the most highlighted social networking sites that can help your business ranks to boost up!
    The new trend for a website is placing your picture on contact page, so people would able to create a strong relationship with you in business.

    Searching and Inspiration:
    On whatever level you are, you need inspiration and knowledge to make your work more perfect. The design trends keep changing. You cannot know about these changes just by sitting on a couch and keep designing. Inspiration from other`s workflow and projects can help a person a lot in polishing his own skills and workflow.
    The modern form of inspiration is blogs. Almost every designer is sharing his experience through his blog. This is better that you keep reading more and more Graphic Design Blogs.
    Another source of information is Forums & Communities, where people not just ask, but they help each other and debate if they are not convinced with certain point. Searching more will also help you increasing number of your clients.

    Physical Address:
    Even if you are a freelancer, setting up your office and publishing your physical work address is recommended to get more clients. This is a latest trend that people keep publishing their office pictures and videos on their social networking pages specifically on Facebook. In this way they not just enjoy more, but more people get attraction to the page and start trusting your business.
    Remember! Register your business in local area to get more authentications. Also register the name of your company, so no one will be able to copy it.
    Showcase your work in your office as well. So every visitor comes will get attract to your business.

    Speed is a plus point, which you can gain with more experience and practice. This is really important to learn the shortcut keys of using PC or MAC. More fats you work, you will be able to handle more projects. This is so important that you meet the deadlines of your projects. Late work submission can simply loose the client’s trust.
  2. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

    This post appears to be written in 'Chinglish'. :confused2

    Do a person take advice from other person writing sentence in broken manner?

    As for the 'tips', thanks for the free chuckles!

  3. robertanderson

    robertanderson New Member

    Though I am able to understand only some part of your post but i agree with your points that a graphic designer should have complete knowledge about what he is doing and one thing that i always look for in a graphic designer is his creativity. If a graphic designer is not creative enough and not able to think according to your business perspective he could never create stuff that you would like and admire.

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