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Hey all.. I'm a freelancer. :)

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by tubbyman20, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. tubbyman20

    tubbyman20 New Member

    was just browsing for somewhere to find some freelance web design work and came across this place. I'm in Winchester, Hampshire. I can code valid xhtml/css but my strong side is design.
    I have a small portfolio up and i'm continuing to expand it. I'm also the designer of defraction.net, but i'm only 15 years old. Contrary to popular belief, a fifteen year old can actually maintain a job and make a client happy. Usually, if i don't detail my age to a client they will let me complete the job, and will be happy at the end, however, if i tell them before, they will dismiss me as a 'child', when (i'm not trying to be arrogant) I have more experience than many older freelance web developers that i know.
    Anyway, now i've got that out of the way, i was wondering if someone could reccomend some good places to pick up clients?
    I am registered on sitepoint, but i'm disgusted by the attitude of many of the people over there.
    Thanks for taking a look. Some feedback on my design style would be great.
    I'm not sure if i'll continue web design as a full career, i still haven't done my GCSE's so i have a while to decide yet.
  2. Tonyw1978

    Tonyw1978 New Member

    Feedback as requested

    Hey there,

    Some really impressive design work but i would seriously look at getting a copywriter to collaberate with because some as intelligent as you come across the choice of words used (or not used) in places does make the "age issue" pop up.

    Also on the age front it's difficult for some clients to actually pay somebody who isnt yet 16 (because of national insurance issues and the are lots of laws about employing "young persons") which for many is a headache they would want to do without.

    Obviously the quality of work is there or i wouldn't be commenting and whilst i'm not a web designer (i'm a video producer) it's easy to spot good design.

    The key to any freelance is working. If your always working your always working do whatever it takes to keep building your client base.

    Special offers are a good way of getting interest becuase your not saying your cheap. It's impossible to do some work for somebody for £300 then expect £1000 next time unless they used a promotional coupon or code or whatever mechanic works for you to best let the client know they are getting a good deal and it's not gonna be that price again.

    I'd even consider doing work for cost if it's gonna lead to more work. Do enough to blow somebodies mind and then charge them to finish it (e.g. build a homepage for free then when they like it charge to build the rest of the site) The more sites that have been done by you, the more people see your work.

    Well thats how it works with video production.

    If your looking to add to your porfolio i know my website could do with an overhaul design wise.

    Good luck with everything

    Antony Warnes

  3. darkside

    darkside New Member

    Have you tried putting some flyers around your local area or contacting some local businesses to see if they need any work doing.

    Another idea would be to contact some design businesses in your area, many frequently use freelancers for excess work they have on.
  4. chiara

    chiara New Member

    Hey tubbyman20

    There are many free classifieds where you can find people looking for a website. e.g craigslist. Have in mind though that the competition there is tough, so you should really make a good proposal to win a client.

    I think it doesn't matter what is your age as long as you provide quality work. But yes, maybe you should find someone who would just work with you, speak with clients, etc, this will also let you 'learn' how to behave with clients, set terms and expectations..

    I believe you can start doing small pieces of work like logos, banners, etc just to learn how to behave with clients and find out how to make them happy. Once they are happy with you - the age will hardly matter :)

    Good luck!!

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