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Hi, just thought I would introduce myself

Discussion in 'Time Out' started by paul0409, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. paul0409

    paul0409 New Member

  2. FreelanceScribbler

    FreelanceScribbler New Member

    Hi Paul,

    Impressed with that you've done so far.
    I have a side project that I'm working on and I need a man of your talents.
    This a really nice internet community project which won't require much work, but will look great in your portfolio.

    I'll send you a PM
  3. annaharris

    annaharris New Member

    Hi, everyone I glad to introduce myself. I am Anna Harris from Pleasanton and working for Web Development Company as a PHP Developer.
  4. Joe Micheal

    Joe Micheal New Member

    Quite impressive site. I'd say just add your location and phone on you contact page and do some local SEO for your website. This will help you to reach local customers who should be your primary target.
  5. johny brawn

    johny brawn New Member

    Hi guys....

    I am Johny Brawn and I hope you will share our views and idea with me and improve my knowledge.

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