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Horsey logo ideas

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Ange, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Ange

    Ange New Member


    I'm just looking to do a bit of brainstorming for a logo.

    It's a riding school that work in the local community with underprivileged kids.

    They're called Community Equestrian.

    Want to avoid the obvious 'horses head' type of thing. Maybe use a horseshoe as the U?

    Any ideas grateful!

  2. CarmaCreative

    CarmaCreative New Member

    The horseshoe idea could work - you could use it for both the C and E.

    I like a well drawn horse's head to, try to think of a dynamic angle...
  3. Mass Appeal Designs

    Mass Appeal Designs New Member

    The horse shoe could come off tacky, its a real thin line, I did a horse based logo a while back that did not get used (what do they know eh), A horse head or shape of a horse could worl, maybe in the style of it not looking immediately like a horse until you look at it closer

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