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how can I add google map in my site?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Lafaso870, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Lafaso870

    Lafaso870 Banned

    Hello all

    I want to add a map in my site that it show my office location.
    Please anybody tell me how it is possible.
    Is any other way to add map except insert image?
  2. SurreyWeb

    SurreyWeb New Member

  3. EvaBrown89

    EvaBrown89 New Member

    maps.google.com will help you to add map. There you will find instruction how to make everything. Good luck!)
  4. philipsteele

    philipsteele New Member

    There is a make link in maps.google.com itself, you will get a embed code and you just need to place it in your website, this will make the maps appear in your website. its just like embedding a youtube video.
  5. synapsesites123

    synapsesites123 New Member

    Follow these simple steps below:

    1) Go to Google Maps and type your full address into the search box at the top. Ensure the resulting map is the correct location.

    2) Click on the word "Link" above the map on the right. Then click on "Customise and preview embedded map". A new window will open. You can select which size of map you want to embed on your web site.

    3) Once you have decided on the map size, with your cursor highlight all of the text in the "Copy and paste this HTML to embed in your website" field and copy that text.

    4) Login to your Administration System for your web site. Click on "Content Manager/Pages Manager" and select the page you would like to place your map on.

    5) In the pages editor place your cursor where you would like your map to appear on the page. Click on the "Insert Google Maps" icon in the tool bar. Paste the code for your map in the window which appears and click "OK".

    6) Update the page and you are done.
  6. sybotechnologies

    sybotechnologies New Member

  7. benachour18

    benachour18 New Member

    hi, you have to go to google.maps.com, connect with your gmail account then write the adresse in the serach bar and click search ..after you can get the URL of maps to take it in your web site.
  8. madhusmita

    madhusmita Banned

    A very good step by step guidance is there in this link.You can follow this to have Google map on your site.
  9. Bernard

    Bernard New Member

    This is not a difficult question to answer. Just hit Google and you will find a lot of answers to your question or you can also check out the following link. Embedding a map into a website or blog - Maps Help. There is another thing which you must see that is your website templates supports that kind of thing because once i did get a free joomla templates and that was very good but not supporting this.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2011
  10. kathygreen

    kathygreen New Member


    I think you have already gotten your answer from the above comments. Its pretty easy to do so and google makes it possible with ease.

    Good Luck with it yeah.

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