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How do I send invoice to the company I worked as freelancer?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by Bluewater, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Bluewater

    Bluewater New Member

    I am first time temporarily freelancer, have no idea how to deal with invoice and tax matter.
    I was offered to do a freelance job for a company which was working on site in their office, hour rate £20.
    I have worked 3 days, everyday I arrive 9.30 finish 5.30, I filled time sheet for each job and 30 minutes lunch time, there are time gap between jobs, for example I have done 2 jobs one day, spent 3 hours on each job, but there is 1 hour standby time between 2 jobs, I was in the office 8 hours, had lunch 30 minutes, so at the end of the day on the time sheet I have worked on 2 jobs 6 hours.
    How do I invoice the company, to invoice the company by the time I was there (8 hours) per day or only get paid for the actual time spent on the jobs which is 6 hours.
    Could anyone help please.
    Many thanks,

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