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How do you advertise yourself as a Freelancer?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by AndrewFilm, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. AndrewFilm

    AndrewFilm New Member


    I'm considering becoming self-employed as Freelance Videographer. I'm not very familiar with the transition to self-employment and the setting up of one's own independent business. So I have a lot of questions about it, but I suppose the most important ones are these: once you've established yourself as a freelance/self-employed Videographer, how do you go about advertising yourself and your services? Thanks.
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  2. Dougmorrison

    Dougmorrison Member

    If you have a lot of questions then please either post them here or drop me a PM I will try and answer them all for you.

  3. Hi AndrewFilm
    I also just started up as a Freelance digital marketing professional and I'm still studying for my Msc in digital marketing. But, I have worked as a journalist for five years and I hold a BA in Mass Communication. These are my suggestions to help, based on my communication and marketing experience and knowledge. You may have done some already and this is not an exhaustive list.
    1. You say you're already established so, I'm guessing you have a client base already and you already get a few jobs/projects. Do you have a website or an online channel like on Youtube? You might want to start your advertising thereby showcasing some of your work (with your client's approval) or demo of what you do.
    2. You might want to consider promoting your brand on social media but first identify the social media channels your clients prefer to use. i.e, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. etc
    3.Invite your friends and clients to follow you and urge them to invite their own networks to follow your social channels and use those platforms to tell them about your services.
    I seriously suggest you utilise your website well if you have one or consider getting a website if you don't. You can send me a direct message if you need more tips.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2017

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