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how much do you charge for a logo and stationary?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by luvleen, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. luvleen

    luvleen Guest


    I'm new at freelance.. :eek:hwell my first job was designing illustration for tshirt at £30 each because the company said i was asking too much "£50".. :eyes
    today i went for an interview and they like my work but when they ask me how much i would charge to make a business card i didn't know what to say. Well she did told me to think about it and to let her know. Also she is saying that i have to pay her an admi fee coz she is helping freelance design to lauch and that she got to translate it in arabic and another language to send to companies abroad etc.. i was thinking of asking her if it would be alright if she takes my first work as admi fee... but im not too sure... Does anyone has any idea how much we charge for business card? and how much for a logo? do we print it or give the work and they print it themselve?:confused:
    Thanking you in advance..
  2. elevans

    elevans New Member

    she sounds like she's taking th mick, charging you for doing work for her...walk away!

    as for the rate, maybe work out ho long it would take u and times that by your hourly rate, you need to decide on a fair hourly rate for the kind of work you're involved in
  3. urbanbindi

    urbanbindi New Member


    If you're new to the industry start with an hourly rate of anything between £15 - £20 per hour, or just have a flat rate for business card design. I charge anything between £50 - £100 depending on the complexity of the card (curved edges, special inks). To be honest, I only ever charge £70 for the artwork and I add my print cost on top.

    Keep in mind that its only worth charging an hourly rate if the work is going to take you a few hours to do. If not, stick to a flat rate.

    Logo design and development takes longer, so an hourly rate would be ideal. (Depends on how you approach logo design)

    Again you can charge a flat rate for logo design, anything between £50 - £100 including any changes and reworking of the logo, as clients will always ask for tiny changes at the last minute.

    I usually offer a page with upto 10 - 12 logo concepts, and let the client choose their best 5 and we work down to a final choice from the 5.

    When it comes to printing, you should ask the client if they would want you to get the cards printed or if they have someone they normally use.

    Source yourself a printer for professional printing and just add this print cost on top of what you charge for the artwork. Some of the print companies offer discounts to freelancers and designers which would benefit you more in making a bit more money out of your work.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2008
  4. aSPiRe3D

    aSPiRe3D New Member

    Logo & Stationary Charges

    Hi, urbanbindi...

    I know this issue is probably done and dusted, but I just wanted to thank you for simplifying the process as you did: I'm going thru this very situation as we speak! I was asked for a cost, and I said I preferred to begin the development process, then once an end is in sight then we could discuss costs...

    ...she came back TODAY, determined to tie me down!

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