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How to advertise a new web design site effectively?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Mellijelli, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Mellijelli

    Mellijelli New Member

    My friend and I have recently been faced with the possibility of losing our jobs due to the recession, of course we are a bit worried and have decided to have a plan B / back-up plan just in case this becomes a reality, we are both pretty good at web design and decided to start up our own site doing this on the side just to see if it picks up and if we can actually make a viable full time business out of it.

    My question is how does one advertise appropriately to get word out to people needing a web design service, I know there are things such as twitter and facebook etc but I'd like to get as much advice on this and make sure im doing all I can to get our site recognized and bring in potential customers.

    All advice and comments are most welcome :D
  2. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx New Member

    MelliJelli :)

    Wot did you use to design the site, At most times, you can rely on the good ol' google bot to pick up keywords from html coding, you can allow google to advertise on your page as well, google has a range of services you can use to advertise your company, like adsense etc.

    About.com has a section where they advertise companies as well, you can use twitter and facebook etc or any other social media app youre comfortable with.

    hope some of this helps :)

  3. james.snv

    james.snv New Member

    I think, To advertise a website you need to do seo and social media is also a great help to market your business.You should join the groups that is similar to your business.
  4. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

    Hi Mellijelli

    You should consider social media marketing. It is not an overnight solution, it takes dedication and hard work from your part. The results are rewarding!
  5. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    First of all good positioning in search engines, advertise in online business directories, drop a small ad in a local newspaper and most of all on social networks facebook, twitter etc.

    When I started long time ago I didn't do anything just got a pretty good position in google and offered VERY low price. Just from that I got 12 projects in the first 6 months. Don't underestimate search engines.

    And give your business cards to people... Well designed business card does the trick.

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