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How to create photo album/gallery in blogspot

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by cobbieffo, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. cobbieffo

    cobbieffo Banned

    I would like to install a photo album in my blogger site. I don't want a slideshow of all my pictures, but instead thumbnails or something like that. That way people can click on the pictures they would like to view. How can I go about doing this? I would just attach all the pictures to a post but I don't like how that looks (I have about 100 pictures I want to post!), and I don't want to just place a link for people to go and look at the pictures somewhere else. I would like to place them all on a post in my blog.. kind of like a web gallery or my own photo album directly on the site. Is this possible? Have any widget or html code?
    waiting for your reply.
  2. AdamC

    AdamC New Member

    One way you could do it is design a grid with CSS and put the thumbnails of the pictures in it, but that might be too cumbersome.
  3. kathygreen

    kathygreen New Member


    I think you could check out blogging software extensions, they do come out with photo gallery extensions. Hope this helps.

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