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How to fix HTML and CSS Errors Automatically?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Lafaso870, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Lafaso870

    Lafaso870 Banned

    HI Friends,
    Please help me in correcting html and CSS errors in the template code of my blog.Whenever I validate it using w3 validating service, it gives many CSS and HTML errors.How to correct them.Is there any online website or software to automatically fix these errors.I know the fact that w3c even gives where exactly is the error but for me its really difficult because I am very new to blogging.I use blogger as the platform.Please help I am very much frustrated.I have even use html tidy but no use because when I installed the html tidy code,blogger says its xml elements are wrong.What to do?
  2. addmac

    addmac New Member

    what errors?

    What are the errors? what is your doc type, and what version of css are you aiming to use?

    Also, have you put the html anywhere online? that would help..

  3. AdamC

    AdamC New Member

    I'm guessing that you're looking for something like a spell checker, but for HTML tags, elements, etc. To my knowledge, there isn't anything like that and much like a computer spell-checker sometimes it will make corrections that you don't intend or miss mistakes. You would be better off carefully looking through your code after looking at the errors the validator gives you. Be careful to use the right settings and only include HTML and CSS code in your text. XML is quite different from HTML and putting that in a HTML validator will just lead to issues and confusion.
  4. Victorious

    Victorious New Member

    Nope I don't think there is a syntax fixer - there is no easy get away from learning.
  5. Shahid Ali

    Shahid Ali New Member

    When you verify your webiste after verifying scroll down here you can see your clean code. You can copy and paste this code in your website but sure one thing. this will work or not. But before this process please make backup your site.
  6. punjabdentistry

    punjabdentistry New Member

    HTML validator is best site fix HTML & CSS Error.
  7. Ricky Larson

    Ricky Larson Member

    There is a tool for this, called MagicWand 2.0, but you can only get one if you are a student at Hogwarts. The rest of us muggles have to use things like the HTML Validator service, which points out any errors we’ve made, after which we have to fix them manually. Some code editors like Dreamweaver do highlight code errors for you, but I don’t think they actually fix them for you, although they do give hints

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