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How to get started. Finding work.

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by ChickusClickus, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. ChickusClickus

    ChickusClickus New Member

    Hi all.

    I left University in 2004 with a Media Production Degree. I spent a year or so un-employed like a lot of people with a Media Degree. By accident I was asked to take pictures of a music video a friend was Directing. I did this for free.
    My images were seen by a local producer, and this lead to a decent amount of work going from one job to another over the next 2 years.

    However, I have never had a website, never capitalised on the work i did in the past. I've never looked for work as a photographer. I have covered weddings, product etc. I sell my Landscape work at a local Gallery. All in all I have a thorough portfolio. All this time i was doing Joinery too out the back of my car. Simple Jobs.

    I've finally come to terms with my direction. I simply must get my Photography career going. I have just been a Stills Photographer on a feature film, starring Luke goss, shot in Newcastle England. I've also had 2 other PR jobs this month. Simple head and group shots for press release.

    In words it may look like I'm doing OK, but I've bee un-employed for over 2 years. I simply don't know where to start looking for work.

    I hope I haven't just waffled on and confused you all. I've been looking at contacting PR Agencies to see if they use or require Freelancers.

    I'm 37 and going aorund in cirlcles.

    Any advice on where or whom to approach would be greatly appreciated.


  2. ksmith

    ksmith New Member

    location please

    would be great if you tell us where you're located. Some of us may know people. oh, it would be nice if you can post some of your work too! :happy

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