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I am looking to buy Mouse Pads for Gaming?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Sofia Rose, May 25, 2022.

  1. Sofia Rose

    Sofia Rose New Member

    I am looking to buy Mouse Pads for Gaming? Can anyone suggest what is your experience with custom mouse pads and what you recommend on this regards.
    Your valuable suggestions will be appriciated.
  2. Janglos199

    Janglos199 New Member

    I got mine from China. It is cheap, with a custom picture and works like it supposed to. One downside is that the colours are too bright and it get noticeably dirty really fast. I need to clean it at least every month. I've ordered it from aliexpress. It covers my whole table and it costed me £15.
  3. Sofia Rose

    Sofia Rose New Member

    Thanks for your detailed reply. In a menwhile, I also ordered a new ergonomic gaming mouse pad from UK based company and I have a positive review for them, I am satisfied with the Quality and the color and design is same as I ordered and they deliver really fast. It costs me for 20$.
  4. Alina Rose

    Alina Rose New Member

    There are many online stores which provides you the best gaming mouse pads, As my own Experience while am working in office I also need a well design and custom mouse pad.
    I look at this quality and softness material. I have ordered few month ago from Mousepads company. My experience is good and enjoyable experience with their product. Cost is just 19$ which is in my range.
  5. nishantjcm307

    nishantjcm307 New Member

    Its really preference...

    You should buy one from a place where you can return it and make your choice. Texture/materials/durability is the key differences some are easier to clean and give more glide

    Dont go buying a 50$ + mouse pad if you have a 30$ mouse lol

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2023

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