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Introducing Freelance Alliance!

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by FreelanceUK, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. FreelanceUK

    FreelanceUK Administrator

    You may have noticed your favourite forum has had a nip and tuck. This is just one part of a whole new look for Freelance UK and, even more exciting, there's a brand new freelance community too.

    As well as more guides on running your business, legal tips and marketing know-how on Freelance UK, we've also launched your very own business directory and network in the shape of Freelance Alliance.

    Freelance Alliance showcases the best of Britain's freelance creative and media talent. For £5 a month you can do away with the hassle and cost of maintaining your own website and get your name in front of clients ready to hire. Create your profile by listing skills, uploading portfolio items and set your own web address. You can also team up with the different skills of other members to land the bigger projects too. We've already seen lots of interesting leads passing through the site so we hope you'll want a piece of the action too. Find out who’s already snapping up work here: Find a Freelancer - Freelance UK

    We’ll also save you money with our discounted deals for members. Discounted insurance, half price guides, BUPA family cover and more.

    Freelance Alliance is exclusively for UK creative and media freelancers.

    We hope you like what you see! If there’s room for improvement please do tell us at editor@freelanceuk.com
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  2. astonhoward

    astonhoward New Member

    Good to be here

    I have just taken the leap and have joined-up.

    My initial intention is to earn some extra cash to supplement the "day job" but with longer term hope and view of making this my full time earning role.

    It's great to find this professional and friendly organisation and I look forward to exploring the benefits of being a part of "the club" and to
    communicating with other new starters and more experienced folk along the way.:banana
  3. fork8210

    fork8210 New Member

    hi im new here nice to meet you guys
  4. Tracey Ward

    Tracey Ward New Member


    Hi All

    Im new too.:D

    Just wondering is there a best way to advertise my services? for low costs? I am a freelance telesales/telemarketer


  5. FreelanceUK

    FreelanceUK Administrator

    Hi Tracey

    Welcome to the forum!

    Telemarketing is doing well at the moment. They are some good leads being sent to members of Freelance Alliance as businesses realise freelancers of all creative & media skills can keep their order books turning over in a cost-effective way, and not only that but they're fast to bolt on to enable them to react swiftly in challenging times.

    I've mentioned on another post that a benefit of FA is that your listing is optimised by location and skills for the major search engines (a while back now! http://forums.freelanceuk.com/general-forum/2739-change-approach.html). This means members will be found in Google as well as searches made direct on the site. So it's a cost-effective way of not only getting your profile on the internet but actually being found too. There's lot of talk about Freelance Alliance at the moment and the other benefits of networking (How to ... become a freelance worker - Times Online) so do have a look to see what you think.

    Best of luck whatever you decide.
  6. web-design-uk

    web-design-uk New Member


    Its really good to have this forum as it targets UK specifically. I have been using other forums but mostly they are US based, which is fine but it helps to have information targeted to Freelancers in UK.
  7. Nindyvek

    Nindyvek New Member

    Photographer with over 30 years of experience

    Hi everyone
    I am new and just introducing myself. Done lots of weddings, events, architectural, parties, food photography, fashion photography.

  8. Google Expert

    Google Expert New Member

    Google Consultant

    Hiy there,

    Good day to you! I am a Freelance Google Consultant based in Manchester, UK. I have just joined the forum and looking to network! ;) Have a wonderful day! - Sue
  9. rolizgertz

    rolizgertz New Member

    Re : Introducing Freelance Alliance

    This is real great help for the beginners and for the experts as well.
    Discussions and messages to others also help to solve various problems and queries that arise.
  10. WebXpert

    WebXpert New Member

    Hi, :bye

    Its nice to see a freelance network here, I am a web professional and been doing different web jobs for 6 years, and now planning to start freelancing work, as i can see more charm in it.

    exactly dont know how and where to take a start, but i think this site will be of great help.

  11. Richbence

    Richbence New Member


    I am a newbee.
    I have been working to suppliment my part time day job but mooving towards making the break.
    I have a couple of schools, some commercial work and weddings now and again.
    What I realy need to do is get something regular to make the leap possible.
    I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and hearing from others.
  12. Mikelance

    Mikelance New Member

    As a brand new registrant here, I find the administrator approval of new forum posts very annoying (and VERY time consuming + unnecessary) for the Freelance.co.uk community. Great site otherwise.
  13. FreelanceUK

    FreelanceUK Administrator

    Hi Mikelance

    Thanks for joining us. Sorry you're peeved about the time lapse for your initial posts to appear but otherwise this forum would be swamped, and I mean swamped, with spam. If you saw the amount of these initial posts we have to bin you'd see what I mean :frown2

    Freelance UK
  14. dennisparker

    dennisparker New Member

    Online technical support introduction

    Hello Guys,
    Just wanted say hello,this site is quite informative, free lancing is one of the best business, where you are your own boss. Right now I am working as seo free lancer with ItStrong.

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2010
  15. Glenn Frost

    Glenn Frost New Member


    Hello Guys im new in this site... very nice to found this wonderful community site..thanks..:happy
  16. philipsteele

    philipsteele New Member

    The Freelance work is used in various level, but commonly freelance work is most used n the fields of writing and editing, photography, web design, graphic arts, or computer programming.It is a tough job so the writer should improve writing skills to start a good writings.

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