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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Bradley G, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Bradley G

    Bradley G New Member


    Just new to freelance writing and wondering if someone can help me about invoices. Two things: First is a template, if someone knows a good one they can recommend. Second is, do you put your bank details on the invoice (if so account no. and sort code?) or just a 'cheque payable to' then 'name'? Or either?

    Much apreciated if someone can get back to me. Total newbie!
  2. mj67890

    mj67890 New Member

    Hey There,

    I generally use freeagentcentral.com for making up my invoices but you'll probably find some decent templates in word, pages or whatever your word processing poison is :)

    I include my bank details on my invoices Acct, Sort Code, Bank Name. And generally my clients just use that to pay me.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Alisonp

    Alisonp Member

    I have on mine:

    Account No., Bank, Sort Code, IBAN Number, BIC and SWIFT details. Some of these are only needed because I deal with abroad too, but I can't remember which ones.

    It depends who your clients are, really: do you expect many of yours to pay by cheque, or are they more likely to do a bank transfer?
  4. Lupita

    Lupita Member

  5. williamRoach

    williamRoach New Member

    I used to do my invoices through Word, using the standard template but wanted to improve the image so now use a template from the billing website I was invited to use (Free quoting and invoicing system : Preview : Billfor.it).

    I have edited the standard template they provide, by adding my logo and bank details at the bottom. Since moving over (about 2 months ago) not only has my invoicing been streamlined, but I have noticed a more professional response from clients - almost as if they can see that I should be taken seriously now when it comes to payment, as I have a more pro style :)
  6. Alisonp

    Alisonp Member

    I'm a bit confused about how you managed to do that, William? When I tried, there was nothing at all to click on, barring the "sign up and we'll let you know when we launch" bit.
  7. williamRoach

    williamRoach New Member

    I registered a while ago as was quite intrigued and looking at various options, and shortly after was sent an invitation to become a beta tester. I recommend it to a few friends who registered quite recently and they've also become beta testers! So to be honest, I think they are offering accounts to everyone but hiding behind the launch screen until it launches lol
  8. DesignTech

    DesignTech New Member

    It allows me to register a free account just fine at https://www.billfor.it/users/register - I presume it's launched fully now?

    William, is the site out of beta now do you know?
  9. jconway

    jconway New Member

    as well as a bank code i also include a paypal account in my invoices, just to give another payment option. might be worth considering.

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