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Is it infringement? Advice please

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum' started by markmorton, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. markmorton

    markmorton New Member

    Hi all

    Looking for some advice on a design and whether I can use it for selling on t-shirts/prints. It is a play on words using the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (logo I guess it is). So it obviously looks very similar although the image and words are both changed in places. I want to use it for t-shirts/prints but not sure what is allowed in terms of infringement. I was originally thinking it was unlikely I could use it, but having seen others prints for sale at professional design shows that used other peoples logos and symbols directly I thought maybe it was OK. Anyone actually know anything about this?

    Thanks a lot for any help

  2. To be honest Mark, these people who have these little print shops and who make t-shirts, aren't large companies, nor do they last very long.
    I think they just 'chance it' in using copyrighted work, with the hopes no-one would snitch on them.

    Personally, its upto you whether its worth taking the risk or not, financially; are you going to gain in money, what you'd potentially have to pay out if sued?
  3. SarahSimpsons

    SarahSimpsons New Member

    If you asked me about this a few years back, I would say sure, just "chance it".

    But times have changed and personally, I would't risk it these days.

    Hope that helps Mark.

    Good luck.
  4. mary444

    mary444 New Member

    I cant suggest you you anything right now ... But I would must say Good Luck to you!

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