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Is it worth hiring an accountant?

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal' started by Isabel Stone, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Isabel Stone

    Isabel Stone New Member

    Hi there my name is Isabel, and I just thought I’d introduce myself quickly! If I’m honest I’m really quite new to this whole forum thing, but a couple of friends use them a lot and praise how great the community and business advice is! So I figured I’d just give it a go as I’m a contractor and it’s always great to have a support team behind you when you move around jobs a lot! If I’m honest I’ve got a whole host of questions I’d love advice for aha, but I suppose I better start off with just the one! Essentially a few of my fellow ‘contractor’ friends have been starting to use an accountant to manage their finances, because they worked out they weren’t getting the most out of their pay or something. I was just wondering really if other contractors or consultants used any contractor accountants? I’ve been thinking about hiring one, but if I’m honest I didn’t want to get one if it wasn’t worth it. Does anyone have any experience with one? If so I’d love to know people’s opinions and thoughts. My friend sent me over a link to the contractor accountants called 3 Wise Bears that he uses - do these services sound like the sort of thing that other people have has experience with? They do sound good and it has made me deeply consider investing in an accountant but I just wanted a few other people’s opinions first! Thank you everyone! And sorry if I’ve rambled - I’m not entirely sure how long these posts are supposed to be so sorry if I’ve gone on a bit!

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