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Javascript/DHTML background fade effect?

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Lafaso870, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Lafaso870

    Lafaso870 Banned

    I've seen this somewhere, and I totally forgot where. You click on something, and it launches a small window to the foreground (to a new layer) - the rest of the page fades into the background and cannot be selected/clicked until the foreground window is closed.. if someone can send me an example of this, effect or a site that uses this effect, I'd be much obliged!
  2. michelledancer

    michelledancer New Member

    I think you're talking about a modal window/lightbox, like when you click on an image here?

    There are a few easy to implement scripts, which one is best depends on what you're using it for. Take a look at prettyPhoto, FancyBox etc.

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