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Job title for business cards / email sig

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Dcmtr, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Dcmtr

    Dcmtr New Member

    I have always done without an email signature that includes any job title and without business cards featuring the same.

    My work involves a slight mish mash of things:
    - Marketing copy for leaflets, brochures and web
    - HTML flyer and newsletter design and writing
    - Odd jobs for main client like embedding jpegs they provide into emails
    - Updating one website via the CMS

    I want to remain open to miscellanous stuff as well... one gig recently has involved designing educational activities for kids.

    So... under what kind of job title should I market myself? I am thinking something like 'Copywriting and Digital Marketing'. But is this too broad? Can you think of anything better? Or is it a better idea not to bother at all?

  2. flair

    flair New Member

    Creative thinker
    creative director
  3. Dcmtr

    Dcmtr New Member

    I like 'Creative Director' it has a nice ring to it... although being the only employee in my corporation it seems a bit of a pity to stop there and not just go with CEO :p
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2008
  4. Sunflower

    Sunflower New Member

    main title - creative designer
    sub title - web - print - copywriter - designer

    just a thought
  5. Joff

    Joff New Member

    Depending on how confident you are in your own abilities and how sensible you want to appear to clients, you could go down the lines of "Creative Rockstar"... :cool2
  6. paul_donnelly

    paul_donnelly New Member

    I've always liked the title 'creative guru' :cool2
  7. Raphael1980

    Raphael1980 Banned

    Well, I think that will work. "Creative designer" is so conclusive and without and detailed information.
  8. Dcmtr

    Dcmtr New Member

    Hm I'll have a think about this, thanks for the suggestions chaps

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