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Just saying

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Cliphead, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Cliphead

    Cliphead New Member

    Hello all...
  2. RealityHack

    RealityHack New Member

    Hello Cliphead :cool:
  3. administrator

    administrator Administrator Staff Member

    Hello lovely contractors! Wondered when you would find us :D

    Try and keep the caravan threads to a minimum - apart from that enjoy the stay.

    Before you ask, CUK will be getting the forum upgrade soon too so I will be able to give you all warnings there too ;)
  4. RealityHack

    RealityHack New Member

    Shame on you! And we were about to have such fun too! :D
    Cheers Admin chap, and remember to wash behind yer ears ;)

    A big HELLO to all on the, er, F(reelance)UK forum from the CUK, love and bunnies.

  5. ZeitGhost

    ZeitGhost New Member


    There's a few familar avatars here, I notice...
  6. to bi or not to bi?

    to bi or not to bi? New Member

    To Freelance or to Contract? That is the question....
  7. wendigo100

    wendigo100 New Member

    The administra definitely have class over here. No rollies though...:(
  8. RealityHack

    RealityHack New Member

    Both, every time. Can't beat it both ways... or can you? Hmm...
  9. wendigo100

    wendigo100 New Member

    Is your new company for contracting or freelancing?
  10. RealityHack

    RealityHack New Member

    I'll contract non-exclusively, then run smaller jobs from the freelancing days' contacts through the same company. Still, the same thing innit.

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