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Keyword Research Tool

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by rickjonesmedia, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. rickjonesmedia

    rickjonesmedia New Member

    Hi All

    I thought I would share an unknown keyword tool with you all. I guess everyone knows about Googles Keyword and Trend tools the difference is this tool harvests data from Lycos, Excite and a few other small search engines all UK based.

    The problem with google is everyone uses it so it’s near impossible to break users down by demography where as the demographic of users of Lycos, Excite etc are known this allows you to measure trends in specific demographics.

    Once you do a search click on the little graph logo and it will open the trend the service is still being developed and I have not been told all the functions or even how to use it properly but I do know that it has helped me with research for client proposals and has gained me credibility because no one knows it exists apart from me and the guys who built it (and now you:)

    Please consider that this was never intended for public use so it has not been debugged properly and no manual or instructions are available either, but keep an eye on it they are putting more functionality into it.
  2. Jonathan Hue

    Jonathan Hue New Member

    I would suggest checking out the Google keyword tool which has wealth of information on individual keywords from Google's perspective. What else do you need:

    Thank you
  3. jennyhicks

    jennyhicks New Member

    Many thanks for the link to that resource. It is always useful to have another tool's data to compare against Google.
  4. Stephen

    Stephen New Member

    Is the 'local rank' the ranking of searches by volume?

    It's coming up with some interesting results for me at the moment.....

  5. Santosbulus

    Santosbulus New Member

    Wordtracker is good. I like to compare it with Google Adwords Keyword Tool. I used the Site Build It program to build my website and find effective keywords.

    [sig removed by Freelance UK, please note T&Cs]
  6. company-data

    company-data New Member

    The google keyword tool does have a setting to change the location from US to UK

    Alternatively I use is the google autocomplete and google insight to find new keywords

  7. zythum_alex

    zythum_alex Guest

    Best tool for any sort of keyword research is always google key tool . I would say nothing can be better than that . It gives you exact picture of what is happening on Google .
  8. hubert

    hubert Banned

    I have been using this functionality of tool and is useful.
  9. rickypounting

    rickypounting New Member

    Try to go for and use tools by the name of Google Adwords or Spyfu in order to research keywords for your website.
  10. Web Designer

    Web Designer New Member

    I think it is powered by Google, giving the same result as appeared on Google.
  11. Francis

    Francis New Member

    This was really awesome. I was planning to start a affilaiate site for .co.uk and the results were awesome and i can choose a domain for my site and this tool is cool compared to adwords as it is giving the only UK results.

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