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Limited company with 1 share of 1£

Discussion in 'Accounting and Legal' started by ka benz, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. ka benz

    ka benz New Member

    Hi Guys,
    I'm based in France and found a client in the UK. I created a british limited company with the minimum capital required but now I have to invest a little bit in order to service my client.

    I'll have to live in the UK for 3 months. Obviously the capital is not enough to support the business set up fees.

    Can I just lend my company a certain ammount of money to pay for example the first month of rent and the deposit and sent it back to my personal account once I get paid by my client ?

  2. Gordie @ Danbro

    Gordie @ Danbro New Member

    Hi there, that's perfectly fine, yes.
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  3. Noor2018

    Noor2018 New Member

    Hello Ka,

    You might find it helpful to talk to a freelancer accountant.
  4. Gordie @ Danbro

    Gordie @ Danbro New Member

    I can confirm that introducing capital is fine; it will be credited to the Director's Loan Account and can be reimbursed later once the business is in receipt of cash. :)
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