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Looking at becoming a freelance web designer

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by martinbly, May 17, 2008.

  1. martinbly

    martinbly New Member

    Hiya Guys,

    Im looking for a change of work.. Im currently a web designer for a major international company and have been there for a year since leaving uni...

    But now i really want to open up my creativity and start doing more sites from concept to final build and im really keen on doing this alone as a freelancer..

    My concerns are though- how do I get work and whats the best way for me to get started.. im rebranding my portfolio site as a freelancer but whats the next step.. how do i start getting the jobs in? also I have no idea as to what to charge and I never really get an answer =( .. so any advice would be great.. currently im earning 33k a yr - should i xpect to increase my earnings?

  2. Martin Leonard

    Martin Leonard New Member

    Hello Mate,

    I have been a freelance IT telemarketer for a while now and I would never go back. The first thing I would do is talk to business link and get some advice on running a business. The second thing I would do would be to do some major research on the web.

    I simply phoned up all the IT telemarketing companies I could and asked what there rates were. I also checked out some sites that told me the average price for my services in the UK. You can then sit there and decide who much you want to earn a day and see if it would make you expensive or cheap. If your cheap then you could raise your rates a little and if your expensive you need to work harder seeling your services and justifying the extra cost.

    The advice I would give you is to spend as little as possible. Then if it doesn't work out you haven't lost much. I think I set myself up for about £300. Bought a second hand computer, designed my own Logo, letter heads, business cards etc and got on the phone to get some business.

    As far as getting the work, you need to buy a list of local small companies who are likely to either not have a website or have a rubbish looking template based site. Then just get on the phone.

    Hope this helps
  3. martinbly

    martinbly New Member

    cheers for the reply..

    anyone got a view or advice from a designers perspective.. obviously last thing i want to do is quit my day job and get no work and more importantly no money...
  4. Stufer

    Stufer New Member

    Hello mate.

    My advice would be to do as I have - start freelancing in the evenings to see how you get on. That way there is no risk. If things start to take off you can then as work to go part-time on go freelance 100%.

    That's what I did in November and have basically been working evenings and weekends since then! Depending on how things go, I might consider the above.

    Give it a go!
  5. mclwebsolutions

    mclwebsolutions New Member



    That's exactly the situation I'm in.

    You need determination and stamina, but it does help to have a regular income until things take off!

    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009

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