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Looking for a "Guest Freelancer"

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Riffaz, Aug 28, 2018.


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  1. Riffaz

    Riffaz New Member

    Do your job from our home in Sri Lanka; maintain your freelance business while working and traveling abroad.

    Seeking an IT freelancer interested in working from Sri Lanka for a minimum stay of 1 month. During this time, you will be provided a private room in our home, 3 meals per day, evening and morning tea, a work space, and high speed internet connection so you can complete your projects without interruption. In exchange for this, we ask for some of your IT expertise to collaborate and brainstorm with our team at, Cyber Actions, which provides web development and support to businesses and individuals abroad. Collaboration will entail 10 hours per week (negotiable) and will focus on our current projects and discussion around ways to adapt and evolve our business. Due to the nature of our work, we request a native English speaker or one with business level proficiency. This is a unique opportunity, enabling you to bring your portfolio of work and income to Sri Lanka at no cost to you and with minimal expenses; a big savings for you.

    How much you can save a month while you are working in any part of UK or USA?

    We are located on the east coast of Sri Lanka in the village of Maruthamunai. This is an ideal area to explore many beautiful villages, coastline, and mountains. We are a short drive from Arugam Bay, Trincomalee, and Pasikudah all of which are popular tourist destinations, and 7 hours from the capital city Colombo. Outside of the collaboration meetings we agree upon, you’re on your own schedule and can freely travel and come and go as you please. We also have a motorbike and car, which you can use as long as you cover fuel expenses. Our family home, where you will be hosted, is large and comfortable in walking distance to the beach. We also have a young son who is learning English, so appreciate having an English speaker in our home.

    When applying, please describe your work history to give us a sense for your area of expertise. We’d also appreciate some information on your personality and details on your living style. We enjoy meeting people from around the world and want to cultivate a multicultural home environment.

    You can check out our website here: https://cyberactions.com/


    We choose to open this position in the spirit of cultural exchange, and not for money making purposes, so simply ask a daily contribution of $10 per person to cover the cost of food and snacks.

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