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Looking for e-commerce and copywriting services, preferably in Glasgow

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by RSimpson, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. RSimpson

    RSimpson New Member

    Hi folks,

    Every now and again I encounter a client who's looking to have an e-commerce site built, and I have to admit, I hate e-commerce with a passion. It's always one of those jobs where the client is looking for very particular functionality and I've never found any piece of software where one size fits all and every time I end up pulling my hair out, so I avoid it completely.

    Now, it doesn't make any sense to throw away potential clients so what I'd like to do is partner with one or two freelancers who specialise in e-commerce for when the work comes up.

    I have a few of requirements however.
    1. Your software must have a template system (smarty templates do not qualify, but WP style PHP files are ideal) which I can use to make design tweaks once the system is built.
    2. My HTML and CSS layout must remain intact*
    3. All hosting is on my server (FreeBSD so .NET applications are out, as are Ruby applications for the timebeing but this may change)
    4. iFrames are not an option (even considering this should result in castration for a designer)
    5. A list of standard features as well as possible features which can be added must be made available for my sales guys to use, otherwise they end up letting the client dictate all the functionality and I end up spilling the salesman's (and the client's) guts on the floor for making the job more difficult than it has to be.
    6. You would provide email support directly to the client (I'll supply the email address in order to keep up appearances), this would be paid for on retainer.
    7. Being based in the Glasgow area is preferable but isn't an absolute must.

    * On this point I'll work with you and make changes to my code if required, as I'm sure it will be on the first job.


    I'm also looking for a copywriter to work with. More often than not I meet a client who while they know their business they don't know how to put it into words and in such a fashion that they're selling their products or services.

    Unlike with the e-commerce stuff I do need a copywriter based in the Glasgow area who can sit with clients for a few hours and then go away to produce the material required. If you have your own processes in place that's great, I'm not here to tell you how to do your job and if your way is better than mine please don't be afraid to tell me about it.

    This partnership would also be very useful for clients producing printed brochures etc so if you can write to fit your work within a specified size on a printed page that would also be useful.

    If SEO services are also an option that would be fantastic.


    Please get in touch via this thread or via PM with examples of your previous work and what your preferences are with regards to how you're paid etc.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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