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Managing your time

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by sarahsrays, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. sarahsrays

    sarahsrays New Member

    Hello how do you manage your time so that you get eveything done, even things such as book-keeping and process updating that you don't get directly paid for?

    Here are some of my thoughts and a little multiple choice!
    Freelancing: Do you have any juggling tips? :: Freelance UK

    I would be really interested to hear people's thoughts on this matter. It's something I struggle with a bit.

  2. Rizzo

    Rizzo New Member

    looks like not very many other people are sure how this should work either!

    I think most people juggle on a different basis each week depending on what paid work comes in the door and fit other housekeeping type admin around that? Book keeping really should have an allotted regular time so it doesn't get out of hand, but I've spent plenty of weekends catching up on this because I didn't have time in the week myself. Other things like contacting new clients I reckon it's best to allot a time in the week when you personally feel at your best, no point hammering the phone at 4pm if you're a morning person. Other stuff like raising invoices do as soon as the client signs the job off - no better feeling to reward yourself with :)
  3. stellaturner

    stellaturner New Member

  4. sarahsrays

    sarahsrays New Member

    Thanks Stella, that's kind of you! I will definitely have a look through those.


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