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Marketing Person Wanted

Discussion in 'PR & Marketing Forum' started by ribon, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. ribon

    ribon New Member


    We are launching new site in March and are considering finding a internet marketing person, who has a particular knowledge of emailing , affiliate, advertising.
    This can be just a few days a month or maybe more, depending upon how it goes.
    Payment in cash, or maybe equity, as we are looking for someone to take an interest in the whole project and contribute generally

  2. vicxky

    vicxky New Member


    I would like to introduce myself, my name is Vicky Kenrick, I have a degree in
    BA (hons) Marketing and Advertising Communications and a years experience managing and implementing successful marketing campaigns for several clients. I specialise in analysing market and consumer trends in order to produce focussed marketing strategies. These strategies are designed to help achieve the goals of each business as they can encourage, persuade and inform your target audience of the benefits in choosing your company.

    What I could do for your company….

    I am a freelance Advertising Executive that, unlike marketing agencies, can offer flexibility, time and competitive prices. I would like to work with you to create a detailed marketing strategy that will enhance your position in the market place. The development of the strategy would involve in depth research into your industry and consumer market and most importantly into the competitive advantages of your brand. The creation of your unique selling point and strap line that could be used in marketing will also be included in the strategy. Once a strategy is developed I could also produce the necessary advertising, press releases, research and copy writing that will fulfil the strategy. I have a range of press and advertising contacts that would enable me to provide you with excellent advertising and editorial rates.
    (If you already have a strategy in place, I would happily work with you to help fulfil this).
  3. zanenkamb

    zanenkamb New Member


    Are you still looking for a marketing person for your project. I could send you my cv to review.

    Kind regards

  4. shake1282

    shake1282 New Member

    Marketing person found

    Hi R,

    Just read your post and am interested. I have been in online marketing for nearly 4 years and have most recently been heading up the online marketing for a leading high street fashion brand.

    PM me if you want to take a look at my CV

  5. ribon

    ribon New Member


    Yes we are still looking for someone to help on a part time basis, so I would be interested to see your CV.
    Could you please email it to info@axavi.com.

    Thank you,


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