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Micky mouse qualifications

Discussion in 'Journalism Forum' started by ade1971, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. ade1971

    ade1971 New Member

    Hi just wondering if I about qualifications in freelance journalist I am currently doing a online course with Stonebridge college and centre of excellence. I hope I not doing Micky mouse qualifications , they are called CPD and also QR Or qualifications register
    My question is are the worth it
    And quickly do editors etc even care about qualifications are they not more interested in what you can write

    if so can anyone point me towards a different online course if they no good
    Sorry for all the question but I thought I do it one go
  2. ade1971

    ade1971 New Member

    Hi maybe not to use the words Micky mouse
  3. Naheed Mir

    Naheed Mir Member

    Granted, I'm not an editor. But as per my experience and analysis, I can say that
    an editor can have a job without any qualification. What they want to see is that
    you know the Publishing Business and the Book business.

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