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Missunderstanding in contracts

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by kondordv, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. kondordv

    kondordv New Member

    Hi all,

    is it legal or nonlegal, is it moral or non moral? I have a short story and I'd like to know your opinion as reflecting your freelancer experience.

    I signed a contract with a company as free lancer for X money per day for a mission of about 2 weeks. At the end I received the money (X times work days) for all worked days plus the per diem for all traveling and staying days (the entire mission days).

    Next mission with the same company I was for 3 weeks and they said that it is the same contract. I did my job and at the end I received just the money (X times work days) for all worked days, no more traveling or staying days per diem paid. The final result was awful because the mission was far away and all traveling time was about 6 days.

    The answer was that in the contract per diem is not specified, and for the first mission they made a mistake and I have to be happy for that mistake. After all calculation the results seems to be worst than an employee person paid for mission.

    What do you think is this legal or nonlegal, moral or non moral? Is it a trick most used in freelancer contracts? What's your experience regarding this?

    thank you,
  2. xlogic

    xlogic New Member

  3. kondordv

    kondordv New Member

    From your messages I understand you are a lawyer, am I right? You know I'm a correct man, and I don't like fighting, this is why I'm interest just about the case, not exactly to fight in justice. But do you think that this can be judged correctly? Can you try to look much more for that company, maybe is a particular style most used!

    My first intention here is to meet the correct people, and to help others to learn from my bad experience as I also learned.

    I'm very disappointed about this company, and also about freelancer activities as soon as this is my first company as freelancer employer.

    thank you for your link I'll read the sites!

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