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Month contract but only offered pay for 4 days!!!

Discussion in 'Copywriting Forum' started by pazzorilancio, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Hi There,

    I recently undertook a contract with a very big UK corporation (will leave nameless for now!)

    They needed someone desperately and agreed up front to hire me for the month and review from there. I made it clear this would mean I'd need to cancel a couple of other contracts, but they agreed they'd use me for the month so that was no problem.

    After 13 working days, they had a change and no longer required my services. I received a PO for the full month (20 days) with instructions on how to invoice.

    After invoicing, quoting the PO, I was then emailed by the person who employed me, explaining that they were only prepared to pay me for "4 days". To quote the email explanation:

    "Although the total duration of you working with us was 13 days we can only pay for the time you spent doing [COMPANY] work. I’ve had a chat with [CONTACT NAME] to get his perspective on this and we think four days is reasonable compensation for the time you spent working with us and the output of what you produced."

    In my mind, there's a few problems here:
    1) They agreed up front they'd use me for a month (not written anywhere but I could possibly get them to accept this in an email)
    2) In the email above, they accepted I was working with them for 13 working days
    3) They only want to pay me for 4 days of that time because they had less work for me than they thought

    This was their mistake.. The fact they didn't need me was their problem and it appears I will lose out here big time

    Please can anyone provide me with advice on how to reply to the above email without sounding too angry? I'm very new to contracting and this is really becoming quite concerning to me!

    Much appreciated!

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