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mysqli php select

Discussion in 'Web Design Forum' started by Neil-C, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Neil-C

    Neil-C New Member

    Hello people,

    I'm still quite new to php & mysqli and i am hoping somebody will guide me in the right direction with the situation i'm in at the moment.

    I have 2 tables

    id, company_title, company_type, company_website, company_email, company_telephone

    id, company_id, street_address, town_city, post_code

    What i am wanting to do is use php, to display certain information on a page. e.g, I want to display all pubs in rotherham. But also want to display, the company_title.

    I can issue the following query in phpMyAdmin and get the result i desire.

    SELECT * FROM companies LEFT JOIN company_address ON companies.id = company_address.company_id
    WHERE (companies.company_type = 'pub') AND (company_address.town_city = 'sheffield')
    However when i try implementing this query into my php script i'm not getting anything displayed.

    Here's my php.



    $get_sql "SELECT * FROM companies LEFT JOIN company_address ON companies.id = company_address.company_id WHERE (companies.company_type = '".$_POST["choose_company_type"]."') AND (company_address.town_city = '".$_POST["choose_company_location"]."')";

    $get_res mysqli_query($mysqli$get_sql) or die(mysqli_error($mysqli));

    if (
    mysqli_num_rows($get_res) > ) {
        while (
    $info mysqli_fetch_array($get_res)) {
    $id $info['company_id'];
    $title stripslashes($info['company_title']);
    $type stripslashes($info['company_type']);
    $town stripslashes($info['town_city']);
    $display_block .= "<h1>".$title."</h1><p>".$type." in <strong>".$town."</strong></p>";

    connect.php works fine with another script that I use to add info to the database so i dont think the problem lies within that.
    (I do also have
    <?php echo $display_block?>
    in the body of the page. )

    Thank you.

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