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Need help with reproduction

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by fzbucks, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. That's better. I was getting homesick.
  2. SallyAnne

    SallyAnne New Member

    To be fair, there are rarely fights over the weekend. The usual racist tits who spark off the fights are usually at their BNP ralleys, so have no time to post.

    Whats with the goat blowing OG?
  3. No they're probably not allowed Internet access until they've tidied their rooms.

    When we were hiding out on another contractors' site, you can log on as Guest and it has an autosignature of 'Chief Goat Blower'. I kind of liked it but admin removed it from my signature on CUK:(
  4. SallyAnne

    SallyAnne New Member


    What an excellent default name! :D I think I'd like that site - why aren't we there instead of this stuffy FUK?
  5. It's dead there too and the design isn't as good.

    I'm getting suspicious about this server change. No notice and directly after sjdgate? Hmmm. If I were them, I'd be putting in a delay between joining time and when you can 1st post.
  6. SallyAnne

    SallyAnne New Member

    Yeah I reckon they're probably doing something like that too. Hopefully it's not delayed posting though!

    The thing is, they dont want to make it too difficult for people (genuine people that is) - newbies are useless knackers anyway, so if they make it too tricky for them to post questions we might never get anyone new!
  7. i meant a delay for newbies. They need to stop people joining getting banned after one post and re-joining 5 minutes later etc. Don't know how.
  8. Gonzo

    Gonzo New Member


    That would mean that we would have to start making up our own newbie Umbrella/IR35/Dubious Expenses questions just so that we can get our fix of newbie flaming.:(
  9. SallyAnne

    SallyAnne New Member


    I think what they need to do is to leave it exactly how it is, but install some sort of electric shock software which Scotspine could send down the line to people who over step the mark!
  10. All those newbies are sockpuppet.
  11. Gonzo

    Gonzo New Member

    Really? Sockpuppet does a lot of the flaming. What sort of sad sap spends all their time posting on internet forums?:eek:
  12. An unemployed lorry driver.
  13. SallyAnne

    SallyAnne New Member



  14. Diver

    Diver New Member

    Me bignose :D

    This place is really starting to resemble cuk now the abuse has started :banana
  15. Are you looking at my pint?
  16. Diver

    Diver New Member

    Hello OG :D
  17. Gonzo

    Gonzo New Member

    Yeah, I was. You got a problem with that?:fight
  18. As it happens, I do have a problem with that.
  19. 'Ello, Diver.
  20. MickeyFinn

    MickeyFinn Administrator

    Nothing like a good conspiracy eh? :D

    I really am moving the sites to a new server, check the IP for main sites compared to forums... CUK forum has also been upgraded and some SEO hacks I applied needed to be stripped out and templates tested post upgrade and then some new SEO hacks applied. Will be turning this one off to move as soon as DNS for CUK forum resolves, wouldn't want you poor souls left with only Facebook or CC.net - that would be harsh!

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