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Need some advice on how to find work etc?

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Mellijelli, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx New Member

    hey freelanceZA welcome to the mix :D :bye

    Freelancing is a scary thought, like i asked mellijelli a few posts back, I envy you for doing it.
  2. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

    Mellijelli we share the same thoughts on freelancing! :happy When I connect with other freelancers or entrepreneurs I always gain more knowledge and energy to keep pushing on.
  3. Mellijelli

    Mellijelli New Member

    FreelanceZA i have been doing a little research myself as far as how im going to market my website once its completed as im not really clued up on exactly how to get this done, so from my research im going to put those points in here, i was wondering if you could contribute some ideas here too seeing that you are a freelancer?

    So again i done some surfing for info on how to market yourself and web as a freelancer, in my case as a Web Designer and also my website once its up of course.

    This is what i have come up with:

    Have a persuasive business offer:

    Learn how to put into place a successful marketing strategy, so this would include:

    • How to find a profitable area of expertise for yourself
    • How to lay out your portfolio for maximum impact
    • How to structure your website

    Learn effective techniques for contacting new clients.

    Thing you could try are:

    • How to identify the most lucrative clients
    • How go about phoning prospective clients
    • How to do pitches for meetings

    Optimize your website and get the most out of it:

    See how you can promote your services and get more online traffic and interest.

    • How to increase your SEO ranking
    • How to do email campaigns
    • How to write out your emails


    See how you could raise your profile so that clients can find you.

    • How to write and send a press release
    • How to write an advertisement
    • How to target the right newspapers

    And lastly Build your reputation and become one of the top designers out there.

    Learn how to keep your service client focused and prevent competition cutting in on your business.

    • How to stay visible on the net and elsewhere
    • How to stay valuable to clients
    • How to expand your business services

    Iv learnt a lot with the research i have done and if anyone can add here please do, as i need the advice also :eyes
  4. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

    Hi! You have found really good points in your research. SEO being on top of the list. There is also Social Media Marketing (SMM). Joining social networks that share a common interest will help you promote your brand.

    I am not a fan of cold calling. I attend networking events and always make sure that I have my business card ready. You need to be passionate about what you do, and when people ask you what you do for a living, they should see the passion in your eyes when you tell them.

    I wrote an article on how to market yourself as a freelancer. It covers things like, networking with other freelancers, talking to anybody and everybody that will listen to you and following up on potential clients.

    Although advertising in newspapers will help, I find that advertising oneself online is just as effective and a lot cheaper. If your budget allows for placing ads in the newspaper then go for it! Since you are a Web Designer I assume most of your clients will be online anyway.

    Another good point you highlighted is being visible. People need to know that you exist, be in their faces almost all the time. Social networks help you to, connect, chat and live your brand!
  5. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

    Thanks Phoenyx!:bye

    Don't be afraid! It has been done before:)
  6. Mellijelli

    Mellijelli New Member

    Thank you so much for that FreelanceZA, your advice helps a lot i had a look at both your articles and i think iv got a better idea of how to go about these things now, i like the social networking idea also and i think ill definitely advertise online.
  7. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx New Member

    mmm its worth a thought. Although to me its daunting. You see, the rigmarole abt being a contractor or a freelancer nad habing to do everything yourself leaves me with problems, i have a family that i have to take care of, and if im swamped in paperwork, then i have to spend less time with them in order to get it all sorted out.

    Dont you have the same problems?
  8. Mellijelli

    Mellijelli New Member

    Yes Phoenyx time is a real problem always in my life, i too have a family i need to take care of, and designing takes up a huge portion of that time, its my only worry right now.

    It would help to have some extra hands and minds to get me through it all, but id have to work on a budget and do a "women alone" kinda thing for now, if the business takes off id have to think of hiring some extra help.
  9. Shorty

    Shorty New Member

    Thank you everyone for your advice and add-ons to my questions. What I know about graphic design is really scary. I don't have any of the programs either. But I do have friend's who are and might be able to help me.
    At the moment I have a scary looking PowerPoint presentation in order to keep all the different documents together.
    I thought it will work better than just forwarding files...
    But nevertheless you gave me lots of things to think about.
    Social sites are definitely a plus. I know that most of my jobs come from friends of friends.
    Thanks for all your help Mellijellie, I appreciate it!
  10. Mellijelli

    Mellijelli New Member

    You are so welcome Shorty, think we are all learning as we go here, beginning to wonder if that old saying "cant teach an old dog new tricks" still applies, i think one is never to old to learn something new, not that im that old im only in my 30's now but slowly getting there :eek:hwell
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2010
  11. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

    Hi All:)
    Time is the main problem. I don't have the responsibilities of taking care of a family. I can imagine that it will be stressful and that I will have to split myself in two, to be able to balance that kind of lifestyle.

    Mellijelli, you are not old. I'm in my 30ties too...which poses the question..."So why don't you have a family yet?" My answer is..."too busy working":) :laugh2

    Ideally I would like to have other people do the hard work while I reunite with the beaches around Cape Town.:laugh2
  12. Mellijelli

    Mellijelli New Member

    Nothing wrong with being a business women first, but being a business women with a family does require some splitting of oneself :rollin, ah well im not complaining i just really wish i had more time to get the things done i need to do some days, its all about planning i guess i should make a time schedule and stick to it, but it does not always work out the way you plan too :eek2

    Re-uniting with the beach seems like a lovely idea FreelanceZA, for me unfortunately i have no longer got beaches to go to with the move and all i recently made im way far away from those :eyes

    Maybe one day when im rich and famous i can have someone manage a business for me and just check in and see how everything is going and have more time for other things...
  13. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

  14. FreelanceZA

    FreelanceZA New Member

  15. glebe digital

    glebe digital Member

    can't be FZA....I only have 1 log-in ID....ergo, not a 'wingman'.

    ....you need to inject some variety in your writing styles if you want to pull it off properly......
  16. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx New Member

    While I might enjoy being called a sock puppet.... i can assure you that i am not one. I am a digital artist on deviantart, and can assure you that i am a person and not a wingman, and i have this login only. I dont have the need for any other. :rollin

    I have recently been made redundant, and this thread was of interest to me because it had information that could help me secure another job.

    look for iellwendreams on deviantart. that is my account. :confused2

    have a good one


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