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New Member....Hello.

Discussion in 'CAD Forum' started by CADADAM, Feb 18, 2016.


    CADADAM New Member

    Hello ladies and Gentlemen,

    I just want to introduce my self, I am a (MATURE) student just arriving into the CAD world. (ISH)
    By (ish) I mean, 15 years experience of manufacturing, fabrication and wanting a new direction.

    I have returned to college to tie up some loose ends in the hope of pushing on in to drawing.
    The fear of god is running through me of how this is all going to pan out, as experience then schooling is a bit ass about face.
    Also a huge shout as I'm having to start all over with Level 3 in engineering, thankfully nailing it and next is the choice of uni or hnc/d

    My arrival here comes as In the last week I had taken a call from an employer who appears to have employed a minecraft expert (their words not mine) and is having trouble with their suppliers. Is this a common thing?

    As you can imagine my experience is basic and confidence running low with drawing. Having no like minded or CAD experts on the FB friends list, I am here to read how the PRO's get on and see what I can learn.
    All in the hope of dealing with these calls and gaining the odd job in between studies.

    Am I in the right place?

    Well, gotta rush years of schooling to do... All the best.. Adam.
  2. David Newton

    David Newton New Member

    This could be right for both of us!
    Got an email address 'mature' Adam ;-) ?

    CADADAM New Member


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